Want to build your dream cellar?

For the last ten years I have had the incredible opportunity to travel the world and meet countless winemakers, taste thousands of wines and buy for several leading bars and restaurants. Having made many mistakes myself, I want to pass my knowledge on, to help you make better choices both for your wallet and your liver. Whichever your preference of wine, I will always use my vast network of contacts and sources to help you buy nothing but the best.

Staff training

As a restaurateur, and more importantly, as a former employee, I have not only learnt what it takes to survive, but how to succed in this business, and handle its steady ebbing of ups and downs.

Staff are everything. Let me help you build your restaurant, bar or pub from the inside out. Your business will thrive if you have the right people working for you so provide training second to none.

Restaurant Consultancy

By now, I have overseen the openings of various restaurants and bars in the UK and the US including two of my very own places which has been an eye opening experience. Opening a new place can be very daunting, there are so many steps to take and get right from the get go.

If you need assistance in one of your projects, Contact me.