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Alois Lageder Takeover

  • 193 Hackney Road E2 8JL London (map)

Why bother?

Located in the German-speaking village of Magreid, the Alois Lageder family winery is home to some of the best wines from Alto Adige. Established in 1823, the winery is now in the hands of the family’s fifth and sixth generation, with Alois and Alois Clemens Lageder.

Using biodynamic practices since 2004, the 50ha domaine is run on a completely sustainable basis. With this holistic approach, plenty of creativity and an experimental spirit, Alois Lageder produces wines that reflect the diversity of this unique Northern Italian region.  Animals have been introduced into the vineyards, allowing for more sustainable weed and pesticide control, and cattle, donkeys and sheep graze between the vines, olive and loquat trees.

Comet Series

Lageder’s flagship Comet wines go beyond frontiers. They are the results of small batch (usually single barrel) experimental winemaking, with little or no sulphur used throughout the process, to represent terroir like nothing else. 

Like the trailblazing comets hand painted on each label, their Comet wines are unique. They reflect the joy of experimentation and the constant striving for higher quality. And like the comets, they leave an impression. 

What are we pouring?

2017 Alois Lageder Riff Pinot Grigio £7

2017 Alois Lageder Veratsch - Schiava £8

2017 Alois Lageder Pinot Grigio Dolomiti IGT £8.5

2016 Alois Lageder Pinot Noir £10

2016 Beta Delta Chardonnay Pinot Grigio Lageder £10

2015 Alois Lageder Moscato Giallo £10

2016 Alois Lageder Porer Pinot Grigio £10.5

2016 Alois Lageder Haberle Pinot Bianco £10

2015 Alois Lageder Forra Manzoni Bianco £10.5

2015 Alois Lageder Am Sand Gewurztraminer £11

2017 Alois Lageder Romiberg Schiava £12.5

2015 Alois Lageder Lowengang Chardonnay £13.5

2014 Alois Lageder Krafuss Pinot Noir £13.5

Comet Series

2016 Alois Lageder BLA £13.5

2016 Alois Lageder CHE £13.5

2016 Alois Lageder NATSCH £13.5

2015 Alois Lageder PIPO £13.5

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